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What Can A Senior Home Care Service Do For Your Loved One?

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As people get older, their needs change. Certain tasks that you take for granted are often difficult for senior citizens to perform, thanks to stiff joints, trouble standing up, and difficulty walking. As a concerned loved one, there are a few things you can do to help your elderly loved one live their best life. The best thing you can do is put them in touch with a senior home care service. These services provide much-needed aid for seniors, and they can be there for your loved one when you can't be. Here are a few things a senior home care service can do:

1. Assist with personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene is important at every age. Unfortunately, even showering can become difficult for people of advanced age. There is the risk of slipping and falling in a wet shower, which could lead to broken bones. A senior home care aide can assist your loved one. Depending on the level of care your senior needs, an aide can either wait outside the shower or assist in a more hands-on fashion. If arthritis prevents your loved one from gripping small items easily, their senior care aide can even help them with tasks that require fine motor skills, such as brushing their hair and teeth.

2. Provide nutritious meals.

Cooking is another routine task that many people take for granted. However, the process of cooking can be extremely labor-intensive. Grocery shopping, cutting vegetables and meat, and standing over a stove to cook a meal can be very tiring for elderly people. A senior home care service can prepare meals for your loved one. This can greatly improve your elderly loved one's health, since eating nutritious meals cooked from scratch is much healthier than eating takeout or microwavable food at every meal.

3. Perform light cleaning tasks.

A clean, clutter-free home is good for the health of both mind and body. Advanced age can prevent people from cleaning, but senior home care aides know that cleaning is yet another integral part of life. They can provide light cleaning services such as dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. Living in a pleasant and inviting space can keep your elderly loved one in good cheer.

4. Offer transportation.

Seniors often lose the ability to drive when failing vision or heat conditions make driving unsafe. This loss of mobility can be a huge blow to their sense of freedom. Fortunately, a senior home care service can also provide transportation. They can help your loved one get to and from doctor's appointments, relieving a huge burden from your loved one and their family members.