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Some Mobility Aids To Consider When You Have Problems With Your Balance

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If you have problems maintaining your balance because of a medical condition or because you can't bear all your weight on a foot or knee, then you should look into getting a mobility aid so you can stay active. Being sedentary because you are fearful of falling might cause a deterioration in your health and happiness. Using a mobility aid will help you get around your home and out into the community more safely. Here are some options to consider.


A cane is a simple device that can help with your balance and give you something to lean on when you get out of a chair. Canes come in many different styles. You can choose a traditional hook cane or a more modern cane that collapses so you can carry it in a purse or bag until it's needed.

Some canes have four feet for added stability. These are useful for keeping at your bedside since they don't fall over and they're easy to find and use in the dark. Some of the quad canes can spread apart to open up a sling seat that you can use to rest temporarily if needed when you're out walking.

Rolling Walker

If you plan to go out frequently, then a rolling walker could be the ideal mobility aid. These are easier to use than a standard walker since the wheels on a rolling walker can move across all kinds of terrain without you having to pick up the walker with each step. You'll have support while walking on grass, gravel, or pavement.

A rolling walker makes it easy to maneuver in a grocery store or restaurant. You can add a basket to the walker to make shopping easier or just to contain things you might need around the home such as your remote, tissues, and phone.


If you need to go long distances or travel with your family, then a wheelchair is useful. On days when your balance is worse than usual or when you feel weak, a wheelchair gives you additional security. Plus, if you go on an outing with your family, someone can push you so you keep up with your family and don't slow anyone down.

There are many types of wheelchairs to choose from. If you'll only use it occasionally, a lightweight chair that's easy to control is a good choice. If you plan to sit in it every day, you'll want to buy one built for comfort and durability.

No matter what kind of mobility aid you choose, it's important to buy the right size for your height and weight. A medical equipment store, like Lincoln Mobility, can help you select the best aid so you can use it comfortably and so that it offers the most support to keep you safe when you're on the go.