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Companion Care Services: What This Is And Why It Could Help Your Senior Parent

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When seniors begin to lose their mobility, they often feel like they are trapped inside their own homes all alone. If your parent is in this situation, it may be overwhelming for you to be your parent's only visitor and friend, and this can make life hard for you and lonely for your parent. If your parent is living alone, you could consider hiring a company to provide companion care services for your parent. Here are a few things to understand about these services and why they might be good for your parent.

What are companion care services?

Companion care services are offered through home healthcare companies, and they are provided for seniors who simply need people to visit with. When you hire a company for companion care services, they can send people to your parent's house. You can choose how often you would like this to occur and for the number of hours you prefer. This is something you could have daily or several times a week; it's up to you and your parent.

The person that comes to your parent's home will be there simply to spend time with your parent. During this time, they can do a lot of different things, and what they do will depend on what your parent enjoys doing. Here are some examples of what companion care service providers do with seniors:

  • Have good talks about subjects that interest your parent
  • Put puzzles together
  • Perform exercises or stretching drills together
  • Work in the yard or take walks
  • Go for drives in the car
  • Go to events together
  • Make crafts
  • Look at picture albums
  • Pay bills
  • Make minor repairs or changes in the house
  • Light housework

If your parent had someone to do these things with, he or she would probably feel a lot less lonely. Your parent might also depend on you less for help with things around the house.

What benefits does this offer?

Companion care services fill an important need and void in the lives of seniors that live alone, which is the need for companionship. Relationships with people are vital for a person's happiness and health, and this is what companion care offers. When your parent has someone to spend time with, it's likely that he or she will feel happier and healthier.

If you feel that this is a great option for your parent's loneliness, call a home healthcare company to find out what you can do to set up these services for your mom or dad.

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