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Having The Talk: How To Discuss The Future With Your Aging Loved One

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One major hurdle some families go through is discussing what will happen once loved ones begin to age. This can be a difficult topic to bring up, especially if you are the younger person in the conversation who will be tasked with taking care of a parent or other loved one later in life. As people age, the fear of losing independence becomes a real concern, especially when it comes to major life changes. These conversations are not easy, but they are necessary so that everyone is on the same page about finances, health, living situations, and even end-of-life choices. The following are some tips and some things to touch on in this very important conversation:

Just Do It

The hardest step in this type of conversation is getting started. Just like swimming in a cold pool, the best thing to do is just dive right in. As your parent or loved one is approaching retirement age, or even before, it is time to sit down and discuss all issues that will concern his or her future and your role in their life. Do not wait too long to have this type of conversation. You do not want to be caught off guard if your loved one suddenly becomes dependent on you. Everyone in the situation needs to have plenty of notice of what to expect, should any given situation occur.

Comfort For Everyone Is The Goal

One of the biggest concerns of the aging population is loss of independence and dignity. During your conversation, assure your loved one that your goal is for you all to be as comfortable as possible when the time comes that they need your regular assistance with their daily life in whatever capacity necessary. Talk about having someone come to their home to provide some basic services if they can no longer do it themselves, such as cleaning or cooking. This will allow them to remain in the home but still have assistance. Discuss what happens when it is time to hang up the car keys. Will you drive them around or will you use other forms of transportation? Come up with some different ideas that will make you all comfortable with the situation so that no one feels as though anything has been lost.

Don't Count Out Help

If you both truly feel as though you cannot come to grips with what you both want to happen in the future concerning your aging loved one, consider offering outside help. There are senior home care programs that offer many benefits and services that can truly help your loved one feel as independent and social as possible, while remaining in their home.

The aging process is something that everyone has to look forward to, so planning for the future needs of your loved one should be on your radar. Discuss the situations like adults, and honor their wishes as much as you possibly can. This can really help ease a major life transition. For more information, contact a home health care service such as Queen City Home Care.