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The Purposes Of Hiring In-Home Senior Care For Your Elderly Loved One

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With the rising costs of nursing homes and assisted living facilities, a growing number of senior citizens opt to go live with their families during their final years. When an elderly relative has recently moved in with you and your family, you may have quickly come to realize that this person requires more care than what you and your other household members can provide. 

Instead of leaving this person to fend for themself, you can hire professional in-home senior care services to assist you. Experienced in-home senior care workers can provide a number of valuable services to ensure your loved one's safety and health.

Checking Vital Signs

You may have to go to work every day, which means that your elderly relative must stay at home during the daytime. Even so, you need to make sure that their vital signs remain safe and stable. You cannot risk this person suffering from dangerously low blood pressure or extremely high blood glucose, for example.

Instead of rushing home to check on your loved one each day, you can hire in-home senior care workers to stay with your relative and check their vital signs often. The worker at home with your loved one can check their blood sugar, blood pressure, and oxygen rates. If the vital signs ever reach dangerous levels, the in-home senior care professional can either call your loved one's doctor or administer life-saving medications.

Assisting with Mobility

Your aging loved one may also be at risk of falling and getting hurt during the time that you are away from home. You may not be able to trust them to walk on their own. This person needs someone to assist them with moving around the house.

The in-home senior care contractors that come to your home can help your loved one with using a walker or crutches. They can also move your relative to and from their wheelchair and help them on and off furniture. Your relative avoids serious risks like falling and possibly breaking bones and joints.

Professional in-home senior care contractors provide valuable services to clients like you. They assist you in caring for an aging loved one. They are also trained to monitor vital signs and provide life-saving help. They likewise can assist with mobility needs and spare your relative from injuries.

For more information about senior care options, reach out to an in-home senior care service in your area today.