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Deciding Which Type Of Home Care Service Is Right

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When you have a loved one that is elderly or has some kind of disability, you may worry about how they are doing when they are at home on their own. Because of these worries and concerns, you may find yourself looking into home care services to help your loved one throughout their days. What you may not have realized initially is that there are many different kinds of in-home care services available to help people that are disabled or elderly. Get to know more about the types of in-home care services, so you will be able to better choose a service and get your loved one the help they need going forward. 

Companionship Care

One of the many in-home care services offered is known as companionship care. Companionship care is the least intensive form of in-home care, but it can be quite meaningful and helpful to your loved one if they are feeling isolated or lonely. When a caregiver provides companionship, it simply means that they are spending time with your loved one and giving them much-needed human contact and connection. 

When a person is a companionship caregiver, they may sit and chit-chat with your loved one, play games or do puzzles with them, read to them, watch TV with them, or even just sit there quietly while your loved one goes about their daily life. The idea behind companionship care is to prevent profound loneliness and to help prevent or treat depression that can occur as the result of isolation. 

Housekeeping and Cooking Services

The next level up from basic companionship care involves helping around the house with basic light housekeeping, cooking, and the like. For a person that is disabled or elderly, some of these basic tasks around the house can be quite challenging or exhausting. As such, you can hire a home caregiver to provide these services. Oftentimes, housekeeping and cooking services are offered in addition to companionship services, with your loved one being able to have things done around the house while also having someone to talk to and spend time with. 

Personal Care Services

Sometimes, a person with a disability, or someone who is elderly, has trouble taking care of some of the tasks of daily living. A person with arthritis in their hands, for example, may have trouble getting dressed in the morning or brushing their teeth and hair. Home caregivers can provide what is known as personal care to help your loved one with these tasks of daily living. Personal care ranges from help getting dressed to bathing and bathroom assistance and everything in between. 

Medical Services

The most intensive level of home care services is medical care. This is provided by CNAs or nurses and involves activities such as changing wound dressings, administering medications, and more. Only certain in-home care companies are able to provide medical care, because all employees must be highly trained and licensed in order to provide appropriate medical care. 

Now that you know more about the types of home care services, you can decide which one is right for your loved one. For more information, contact professionals like Heaven Sent, LLC.